Come to our Grand Opening Celebration!!


Progress toward completion!

The MDI Skatepark is in use, with many already enjoying it!

And landscaping continues…!

Construction under full swing!

The MDI Skatepark–a long term effort by a handful of dedicated citizens is in its final phases of construction!

Come by to see how beautiful it looks. Be prepared to use it even as soon as this coming weekend!!


Our GoFundMe Campaign is for remaining funds needed to complete the Skatepark. Click this link to donate:

If you would like to purchase a Donor Brick (proceeds will go toward the construction) click this link:


New Design Incorporates Island Features

We have rolling mountains, lakes and streams on Mount Desert Island. The new design by Brad Siedlicki (with Pillar Design Studios, LLC) incorporates these island features in this updated design. It also makes it possible to build the skatepark at the Bar Harbor Ballfield in its entirety this Summer–instead of having to build it in multiple phases. The footprint of 8775 sq. feet will not change.

Brad Siedlicki arrived on Monday, May 8 and assessed the situation at the site. He and Tim Whitney from MacQuinn Construction, Inc. coordinated to arrange the first work to be done. Brad began to put together a list of in kind donations which will help to reduce the overall cost and help to expand the scope of the skatepark

The Town of Bar Harbor issued the official Permit on Thursday, May 5 to begin construction.

On Monday, May 8, members Katie Churchill, Wendy Copson-Higgins, David Lavalle and Andi Pepler came to meet with Brad and Tim at the site. It was an exciting moment to savor!!



Construction at the Bar Harbor Athletic Field is set to begin
May 8!!  We continue to raise funds so that we can build as
many phases as possible! stop by Saturday, April 8 from
11 am to 3:15 pm to enjoy this event!! 
Silent auction bids will end at the end of intermission. 
Cash out will occur at the end of each film… 
Your financial support is much appreciateD
let’s build the whole skatepark!! 
For more info, or to donate an item for the silent auction
call (207) 460-7446.  THANK YOU to our hosts 


March Madness Mac ‘N Cheese Fest Fundraiser — March 11, 2017 @ 5 – 7 pm

Calling all Mac ‘n cheese cooks and feasters! Come enjoy warm food at the March Madness Mac ‘n Cheese Fest at the Town Hill VIS Hall on Saturday, March 11, from 5-7 p.m. Taste the best mac ‘n cheese cooked by your local friends. Admission is by donation at the door. Proceeds will benefit the building of the MDI Skatepark scheduled for this spring in Bar Harbor.

Email or call 664-3016 if you are interested in cooking or for more information about the dinner or skatepark.macncheez short

Winter Update

Over the winter the site work done by Harold MacQuinn Construction, which laid down the fill and topped it off for maximum marine clay settling, has been doing its job. Katie Churchill has been communicating with our housing donor and with Pillar Designs as we gear up for construction to begin late Spring, early Summer! For more information please call us at (207) 664-3016.

The mound behind the sign as we await the settling of marine clay

The mound behind the sign as we await the settling of marine clay














It was a beautiful morning and many came to share the moment. Town of Bar Harbor Council members, Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce representative Martha Searchfield, MDI Islander reporter Liz Graves, Tim Whitney from MacQuinn Construction Co., friends and family came to mark the long awaited moment.

Thanks to Katie Noble Churchill from our Board who spearheaded this first step in the construction of the MDI Skatepark! Thanks to our Board, Pillar Design Studios, S. W. Cole Engineering, and Tim Whitney from MacQuinn Construction who all helped make important decisions along the way!

Update of Activity


Brick Campaign photo

Since our last Post, much has been happening:

~ Chris Schwartz and Michael Boland helped us raise funds at the Cafe Choco-Latte “Skate Deck Art Show”. Thanks also to Katie Churchill!
~ We had another successful Fourth of July appearance in the parade and booth at the ball field. Thanks to all who helped! We sold cotton candy, iced tea and iced coffee.
~ A brick campaign was put together with Polar Engraving Co. and is underway for people to choose a brick for the walkway to the entrance to the new skatepark. Click here to order yourS:
~ Our update to the Town of Bar Harbor Town Council was received well and MOU extended:


MDI Skatepark Association met with the Bar Harbor Town Council on July 7 to report on the progress of the skatepark site work and Phase 1 construction. Katie Churchill has been heading up the communication between Pillar Designs in Arizona, S. W. Cole Engineers in Bangor, and Tim Whitney of MacQuinn’s Construction over the last several months. At recent Board meetings we have received each new report during this phase of discovery and made the commitment to take the time to build the skatepark right, following the professional advice we are presented with.

The site had to be tested again once the ground dried out (this was expected) and before it was excavated and backfilled (this summer). Once the results were studied, it was determined by the engineers that because of the marine clay under the field, the site will have to settle for a period of time so that it will be in the best shape to hold the concrete park without future cracking or settling.

The Town Council received our report favorably and immediately made a motion, which passed unanimously, to extend the Memorandum of Understanding (of November 15, 2016) for another year to allow for the possible 8 month settling period.

We are excited that things are moving along well and the project has great grass roots as well as Town Council support.

This work is led by a hard working volunteer board of directors who have full time jobs, families, and many other responsibilities, but believe in this project, have brought it to this point, and are committed to seeing it through.

We welcome you to our meetings–they are a great way to stay informed! Many thanks to all who are supporting this worthy endeavor!!

Bar Harbor Town Council Approves New Design

The MDI Skatepark Association Board of Directors has worked hard over the years to promote and advocate for a concrete skatepark in Bar Harbor. Fundraising was carried out for all the steps toward building a skatepark in Bar Harbor, Maine. After initial feedback from many young people in the community, a design was created by Brad Siedlecki from Pillar Designs Studios in Tempe, Arizona. It was a magnificent design, but very expensive ($536,705.58).

With much advocacy, the Board was able to secure 8775 square feet in the corner of Main Street and Park Street at the ballfield. The Board helped develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Bar Harbor and kept it updated through the years as they raised funds to buy the design documents and build the skatepark. Numerous fundraisers and donor solicitations have been held.

Last year, the Town of Bar Harbor urged the Board to build a skatepark with funds available and with a Memorandum of Understanding slated to expire November 15, 2016, the Board felt a new design was needed that would be buildable in Phases, with available funds, pledges and achievable fundraising goals going toward Phase 1 (and 2 if possible) to be built within a year.

MDI Skatepark Updated Master Plan 2

The MDI Skatepark Master Plan II

Pillar Designs, Inc. then produced a simpler design, to be built in 5 Phases (see image). This design (see image) had to be contracted for before a design could be produced. It presented a skatepark to be constructed for $149,000, and a $6,500 deposit was paid for Phase 1 ($65,000). Adult and youth skaters were asked for their feedback. Allowing for a general idea of space for continuous skating, the final plan tried to incorporate everyone’s ideas.

The plan was then presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee of Bar Harbor for their recommendation to the Town Council. On March 1, 2016 the Town Council of Bar Harbor unanimously approved the design.



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