The MDI Skatepark Association Board of Directors has worked hard over the years to promote and advocate for a concrete skatepark in Bar Harbor. Fundraising was carried out for all the steps toward building a skatepark in Bar Harbor, Maine. After initial feedback from many young people in the community, a design was created by Brad Siedlecki from Pillar Designs Studios in Tempe, Arizona. It was a magnificent design, but very expensive ($536,705.58).

With much advocacy, the Board was able to secure 8775 square feet in the corner of Main Street and Park Street at the ballfield. The Board helped develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Bar Harbor and kept it updated through the years as they raised funds to buy the design documents and build the skatepark. Numerous fundraisers and donor solicitations have been held.

Last year, the Town of Bar Harbor urged the Board to build a skatepark with funds available and with a Memorandum of Understanding slated to expire November 15, 2016, the Board felt a new design was needed that would be buildable in Phases, with available funds, pledges and achievable fundraising goals going toward Phase 1 (and 2 if possible) to be built within a year.

MDI Skatepark Updated Master Plan 2

The MDI Skatepark Master Plan II

Pillar Designs, Inc. then produced a simpler design, to be built in 5 Phases (see image). This design (see image) had to be contracted for before a design could be produced. It presented a skatepark to be constructed for $149,000, and a $6,500 deposit was paid for Phase 1 ($65,000). Adult and youth skaters were asked for their feedback. Allowing for a general idea of space for continuous skating, the final plan tried to incorporate everyone’s ideas.

The plan was then presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee of Bar Harbor for their recommendation to the Town Council. On March 1, 2016 the Town Council of Bar Harbor unanimously approved the design.