FINALLY!!!! I drove by the site today and whoa!!!! There were actually holes in the ground and posts sticking up out of the holes!!! For those of you who might not know, it’s been a frustratingly crazy process trying to get the holes dug for the mini-ramp. Things like augers being locked in sheds and the key out of town for a long weekend, people’s schedules not dovetailing, and simply being up against the challenge of depending on other people to connect, communicate, and find time to pull together the necessary resources. Some days I felt like we were up against some weird kind of community inertia, but today when I drove by the site I lost all my frustration. I never thought I would be so happy to see a bunch of holes in the ground! We are ON OUR WAY!!! So—–drive by and check it out, and keep checking back in to the blog for updates. At some point we’ll have community members help out with the final build phase – so we want you there to pound in a nail or two, and you can say you truly helped build the MDI Skate Ramp!

In other news – we’ll be in the July 4 parade again this year, and the more skaters/bikers/scooters the better! It helps to raise awareness for the bigger permanent concrete park we want to build. Come down to the ballfield by 9:45 am and look for us in the line-up, and join us for all or part of the parade. We’ll have a banner and candy to toss out to the crowd, and you get to do some tricks in front of a huge audience.

……..and lastly, things are coming together for our big summer fundraising SKATE DECK ART SHOW AND AUCTION: DeckedOut on MDI. We gave out 80 blank decks to local artists,  community members and students to design as they pleased and donate back to us to auction off as works of art. There are some very cool boards coming out of this. From July 10- August 10 these DECKS of ART will be showing at the Jesup Memorial Library, Reel Pizza, Cadillac Mtn Sports, NEH Library, and other MDI locations. From August 1-10 you can bid on-line, (more on that later) and then join us on August 12 in NEH for a final ART SHOW AUCTION & GALA EVENT.  Keep tabs on the blog for more cool info on all that.

and I almost forgot, we now have FaceBook Fan Page!! Check us out on FACEBOOK: