Deborah PageArt in the Americas! Board Art Display at Cafe Choco Latte

For many years, skateboard art has become a popular form of expression. This month Cafe Choco Latte at 240 Main Street, is displaying boards painted by local artists. They are also for sale and proceeds will benefit the building of the skatepark.


Join the Grand Parade with your wheels and visit the booth after!

We will meet at the temporary ramp (at the Bar Harbor ballfield) at 9:30 am Saturday, July 4th to gather before joining the parade which starts at 10 am. Wear your wheels! Rollerblades, scooters, rollerskates, skateboards, longboards, BMX bikes, etc… Come show your support for the MDI Skatepark!!


Also, visit the MDI SKATEPARK BOOTH at the Festival on the Bar Harbor ballfield after the parade for yummy cotton candy flavors and bacon wrapped in cotton candy. T-shirts, delicious dark chocolate ganache brownies and commissioned board raffle.