We have rolling mountains, lakes and streams on Mount Desert Island. The new design by Brad Siedlicki (with Pillar Design Studios, LLC) incorporates these island features in this updated design. It also makes it possible to build the skatepark at the Bar Harbor Ballfield in its entirety this Summer–instead of having to build it in multiple phases. The footprint of 8775 sq. feet will not change.

Brad Siedlicki arrived on Monday, May 8 and assessed the situation at the site. He and Tim Whitney from MacQuinn Construction, Inc. coordinated to arrange the first work to be done. Brad began to put together a list of in kind donations which will help to reduce the overall cost and help to expand the scope of the skatepark

The Town of Bar Harbor issued the official Permit on Thursday, May 5 to begin construction.

On Monday, May 8, members Katie Churchill, Wendy Copson-Higgins, David Lavalle and Andi Pepler came to meet with Brad and Tim at the site. It was an exciting moment to savor!!