It seems like I’m seeing more and more people out on their boards as the days are warming up. Since I  have this personal (and community) mission to build a public park here on MDI, I feel a need to accost any random, unknown folks spotted within a few feet of (or on) a skateboard and ask if they know about MDISA. On Saturday I found a guy rolling on Ledgelawn Ave. with a dog pulling him. He actually had a motorized board with a hand-held control. (he wasn’t using it because the dog was doing the work). Well that was pretty interesting, I had never seen one of those. And yesterday I met Brian Armstrong outside of Morning Glory Bakery, just hanging out enjoying the sun with his coffee. I should really be carrying around our brochures and giving them out like business cards. If we want to succeed in building this park, we need as many skateboarders as possible to know about it, care about it and get involved.

So here’s what’s happening with our next Fundraiser: On Sat. April 3 join us at the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor from 6-9 pm for some great music, yummy spaghetti with garlic bread, and (hopefully) some street ramps for skating.  “Batteries Not Included” will play along with two other local bands. Dave LaValle and friends will be cooking. We’re waiting to hear if we can close off the street for skating from 4-6pm, so check back here later about that. Here’s a clip from last year’s Spaghetti Dinner/Band Jam with “Batteries Not Included”. Hope you can join us next month!

MDISA’s Fundraising Committee meets tomorrow, Thursday March 12 at 6pm at Camp Beech Cliff.  If you’re interested in helping out with fundraising events, writing grants, or learning about donor solicitation, please write and let us know. We have a general strategy and some great ideas, but we always need more voices and people willing to help out to make our vision a reality.